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Our purpose is to make a difference in the vacation rental market. To make home-ing away a more comfortable experience and without unwanted surprises. This is why all of our properties go through a verification before publishing them online. Look for the verification icon on each listing as well as the verified stickers in each property.


We have high standards when it comes to our properties and we believe that cleanliness and starched sheets are not just for hotel rooms, they are standard for all our Pads.


Airpads was founded in 2015 and we started with only four properties. Airpads grew rapidly over the next 3 years servicing over 40,000 travelers from 69 countries. 


Airpads is also an online community for vacationers. We are empowering people to plan the perfect getaway without the “what if’s” of a host. Whether it’s an overnight trip or a weeklong vacation, you can count on us to provide phenomenal service.


No flat pillows, no complications with bookings...no surprises.  Airpads is the best way to get away.




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